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The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC) received $36 million for long-term recovery efforts related to the severe storms and floods of 2019. As part of that effort, ODOC manages the Voluntary Buyout Program in Tulsa County to safely relocate homeowners and renters out of the 100-year floodplain.

Homeowners will receive fair market value for their property plus additional incentives. Through the Uniform Relocation Act, renters will receive financial relocation assistance and moving costs. That said, there is still a remote possibility that some households will be unable to find replacement housing. ODOC is committed to mitigating this risk to ensure that participants in the Voluntary Buyout Program find replacement housing to buy or rent.

Goals of this discussion:

  1. ODOC would like to make Tulsa CoC homeless provider network aware of this remote possibility.
  2. ODOC would like to learn from the provider network about what resources are available for households that cannot find housing.
  3. ODOC would like to learn from the provider network about what the housing (for sale and rent) market looks like in Tulsa
  4. Questions and Answers


ODOC Staff:

Jade Shain, Program Planner, Jade.Shain@okcommerce.gov

Rebecca LaVictoire, Program Representative, Rebecca.LaVictoire@okcommerce.gov

Jessica Izquierdo, Program Representative, Jessica.Izquierdo@okcommerce.gov

Kellon Dixon, Director of Programs, Kellon.Dixon@okcommerce.gov