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Coordinated Entry System (CES)

What is Coordinated Entry?

Coordinated Entry (CES) is a pivotal approach within the HUD Continuum of Care that streamlines the process of connecting individuals and families experiencing homelessness to the most appropriate housing and assistance resources available. CES embodies fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness in addressing homelessness.

How does Coordinated Entry work?

  • Access Points: Individuals facing homelessness can access the system through multiple entry points – be it through a phone call, visiting a designated agency, or outreach teams.

  • Assessment: A standardized assessment tool evaluates the needs and strengths of each person or family. This process ensures that the most vulnerable receive priority assistance.

  • Prioritization: Based on the assessment, individuals are prioritized for housing and support services according to their level of need.

  • Referral: Individuals are then referred to appropriate housing resources, such as emergency shelters, transitional housing, or permanent supportive housing, as well as other critical services.

Documents & Forms

HUD Disability Documentation
PSH Referral Packet
RRH Referral Packet
TH Referral Packet
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