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A Call to Honor: Supporting Our Veterans to Prevent Homelessness

Veterans Day invites us to not only remember the valiant service of our military members but also to actively support them in a way that prevents homelessness. It’s a solemn reminder of the importance of community support in ensuring that those who served our country do not find themselves without a home.

Ensuring Stability for Our Heroes

Our city’s commitment to veterans is more than just appreciation—it’s action. By engaging with initiatives such as HUD-VASH, Tulsa landlords and property managers can play a pivotal role in providing the stable homes our veterans deserve after serving our nation. Learn more about how landlords can help end veteran homelessness.

Reducing Veteran Homelessness

The challenge of veteran homelessness has been met with determination across the country, with significant reductions in numbers. Tulsa has the opportunity to build on this progress, ensuring that veterans have the resources and community support they need to transition smoothly to civilian life.

Action Points for a Supportive Community

Let’s use this Veterans Day to reaffirm our commitment to the men and women who have worn our nation’s uniform, ensuring they have the support and resources to live with the dignity they earned through their service.

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