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CoC Grievance Form

If you have completed the internal complaint process for an agency and would like additional review on the matter, you may file a complaint with the AWH4T CoC as outlined below.

To file a complaint, the individual or their representative will need to complete and submit the A Way Home for Tulsa CoC Complaint form.


The complaint form can be printed off, filled out by hand, and can be submitted electronically to issues@housingsolutionstulsa.org, or by mail to:

  • Housing Solutions
  • Attn: Complaints Coordinator
  • P.O. Box 4628
  • Tulsa, OK 74159

If an individual needs assistance completing the complaint form, they may call Housing Solutions at (918)-322-9922. Housing Solutions staff or their representative will call the individual back to complete the form by telephone on the individual’s behalf.

All complaints will be shared with a select team of reviewers tasked with investigating complaints, and any entities deemed necessary in the investigation and resolution processes.

The entire policy can be found in the AWH4T Service Standards, which can be found at AWH4T Partner Portal | Housing Solutions Tulsa

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