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Tulsa Rallies Together for the 2024 Point in Time Count

A Collaborative Effort to Address Homelessness

Early this morning, teams of outreach staff and community volunteers spread out throughout the city to kick-off the 2024 Unsheltered Point in Time (PIT) Count. This initiative marks a significant step in understanding and addressing homelessness within Tulsa County.

The PIT Count is far more than a data collection exercise. It’s a key instrument in shaping our approach to homelessness. As Becky Gligo, Executive Director of Housing Solutions, puts it, “The PIT Count informs our strategies and helps us assess the effectiveness of our efforts.” Particularly in the aftermath of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, the count provides invaluable insights into the changing dynamics of homelessness, guiding our future interventions.

United in Purpose: The Power of Partnerships

The Point in Time count is a testament to the power of collaboration. A Way Home for Tulsa agencies work hand-in-hand with community volunteers. The focus is not just on the sheltered but also on the unsheltered residents of Tulsa, ensuring a thorough and empathetic approach to each individual’s needs. The ultimate aim is to make homelessness in Tulsa rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Celebrating Past Successes and Looking Ahead

The achievements of A Way Home for Tulsa agencies are notable – from housing nearly 3,000 individuals since March 2020 to a significant increase in annual renewal funding. These milestones underscore the collective impact of unified efforts. Ginny Hensley, the 2024 Chair for A Way Home for Tulsa, emphasizes, “Each number in the count represents a personal story, steering us to customize our strategies and programs to meet actual needs.” The 2024 PIT Count is a crucial step in their ongoing mission to address and reduce homelessness in our community.

Understanding and Action

As the 2024 PIT Count unfolds, there’s an open invitation for every Tulsan to be part of this journey. This is more than just counting; it’s an opportunity to delve into the complexities of homelessness, to recognize its underlying causes, and to foster a deeper understanding within our community. Your involvement – whether through volunteering, sharing experiences, or simply learning more about the challenges faced by those without homes – strengthens our collective resolve. Awareness and compassion can ignite real change.

With shared knowledge and commitment, we can make a profound difference.

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