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A United Front: Tulsa’s Collective Strive Toward Ending Homelessness

In Tulsa, Housing Solutions, alongside A Way Home for Tulsa (AWH4T), a collective of over 50 organizations, is dedicated to making homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. We focus on a multifaceted approach: preventive measures, a transformed and equitable system of care, increased access to housing, and enhanced resource availability through partnerships across the city.

Since March 2020, the continuum partners have housed over 2,500 individuals and families, marking significant progress. We’ve observed a reduction in the over-representation of BIPOC clients in the AWH4T System of Care and an expansion in eviction prevention services. Our community has received a 13% increase in HUD funding. However, we recognize the persistent challenge as more people are entering homelessness than we can house daily.

The 2023 Point in Time Count recorded 1,133 homeless individuals on the night of January 27, highlighting ongoing concerns like mental health issues and domestic violence, accentuated by the primary challenge of the lack of affordable housing. Tulsa’s Housing Study underscores the city’s broader need for housing across all income levels. With a 53% increase in market rent since 2019 and an aging housing stock, we are committed to innovating and partnering to address these complex challenges.

Financial support for housing and associated services remains our major need. Collaborative efforts and funding are pivotal in our quest to ensure that every citizen has a place to call home, supported by a compassionate, effective, and efficient system of care. We invite interested parties to learn more and explore partnership opportunities at our monthly Leadership Council meetings, where we delve deeper into our strategies, achievements, and the persistent challenges we aim to overcome.

Together, we believe in building a future where the narrative of homelessness in Tulsa is transformed into one of hope, support, and community resilience.

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