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NOFO 2022

2022 HUD Continuum of Care Program Competition

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released the FY 2022 CoC NOFO Program Competition Aug. 1 (Annual NOFO) and the FY 2022 CoC Supplemental Notice of Funding Opportunity to Address Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness on June 22 (Special NOFO). Housing Solutions is responsible for conducting a local funding competition and submitting the CoC Consolidated Application for BOTH funding opportunities. Housing Solutions has decided to combine the local application processes for both NOFOs. The dates below are applicable for both the Annual and the Special NOFO.

RFP ISSUE DATE: Aug. 5, 2022

RFI PROPOSAL DEADLINE: 5 p.m., Aug. 31, 2022

2022 CoC Special NOFO (unsheltered) documents and updates

2022 CoC Annual NOFO documents and updates


The CoC NOFO Program promotes a community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness by providing funds for efforts by nonprofit providers, states, and local governments to quickly re-house homeless individuals, families, persons fleeing domestic violence, and youth while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused by homelessness.

The FY2022 Local RFP is a combined application for both the annual CoC NOFO competition and the Special NOFO Competition. Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for new or renewal projects as part as the annual CoC NOFO competition, as well as the opportunity to apply for new projects through the Special NOFO, which has a focus on unsheltered homelessness. Applicants applying for more than one project will need to submit separate applications for each project.

Funds available through CoC Annual NOFO:
– $3,771,354 for Annual Renewal Demand
– $335,259 for new projects dealing with domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or human trafficking
– $188,568 for  new projects dealing with families and individuals experiencing homelessness

Funds available through Special NOFO focused on unsheltered: $3,924,294

For more information on the COC Special NOFO, we recommend first reviewing all HUD guidelines.

CoC Standards of Operations >

Annual and Unsheltered New Project Scoring Tool >

New Project Application Request for Information >

The purpose of this Special NOFO to Address Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness (Special NOFO) is to target efforts to reduce unsheltered homelessness, particularly in communities with very high levels of unsheltered homelessness and homelessness in rural areas.

Through this Special NOFO, HUD will award funding to communities to implement coordinated approaches — grounded in Housing First and public health principles — to reduce the prevalence of unsheltered homelessness, and improve services engagement, health outcomes, and housing stability among highly vulnerable unsheltered individuals and families.

HUD expects applicant communities to partner with health care and housing agencies to leverage mainstream housing and health care resources.

Tulsa City & County Continuum of Care
2022 Continuum of Care Final Priority Listing
Approved by AWH4T Leadership Council on 9/13/2022

  Annual Renewal Demand$3,771,354  
  CoC Bonus Funding Available$196,215 Total CoC Bonus Request from Applicants $196,215
  DV Bonus Funding Available$392,430 Total DV Bonus Request from Applicants $392,430
  Total Ranked Funding Available$3,967,569  
     Tier 1 Available  $3,582,786
  CoC Planning (Not Ranked)$117,729 Tier 2 Available $384,783
  Total Funding Available (includes planning)$4,477,728 Tier 1 + Tier 2 Total $3,967,569
Tier 1 List

RankScore ProjectApplicant Type Grant Amount 
197.25Hudson VillasTulsa Day CenterPSH$127,080
292.38TDC Rapid Rehousing ProgramTulsa Day CenterRRH$238,379
390.38LTS Apartments TulsaMental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc.PSH$1,069,390
490.38RRH Collaboration Program for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual ViolenceDomestic Violence Intervention ServicesRRH$538,975
587.38LTS Apartments VIMental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc.PSH$138,021
686.8812th Street PSHMental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc.PSH$244,251
786.755600PSHVolunteers of America of Oklahoma, Inc.PSH$582,996
882.88TDC Permanent Supportive Housing ProgramTulsa Day CenterPSH$137,853
982.88Walker Hall TLCMental Health Association in Tulsa, Inc.TH$88,456
1077.5RRH Youth RenewalYouth Services of Tulsa, Inc.RRH$121,028
11 CoC Coordinated Entry SystemThe Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.SSO-CE$64,368
12 Homeless Management Information SystemThe Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.HMIS$123,113
1361RRH for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence (straddles Tier 1 & Tier 2)Domestic Violence Intervention ServicesRRH$108,876
Tier 2 List
Rank   ProjectApplicant Type Grant Amount 
1361RRH for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence (straddles Tier 1 & Tier 2)Domestic Violence Intervention ServicesRRH$188,568
1497.25CoC HMIS Bonus ProjectThe Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.HMIS$196,215
1588.56*Joint TH – PH-RRH Bonus ProjectDomestic Violence Intervention ServicesTH-RRH$392,430
* Note – If Joint TH – PH-RRH Bonus Project is not selected by HUD for the DV Bonus Funding Available, there will be no CoC funding available for this project.
 Not Ranked Per NOFO Guidelines 
   ProjectApplicant Type Amount 
  2022 Planning GrantThe Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.CoC Planning$117,729
Tulsa City & County Continuum of Care
2022 Continuum of Care Supplemental Unsheltered NOFO
Draft Priority Listing
Approved by the AWH4T Leadership Council on 9/29/2022
   Total CoC  Request from Applicants $5,185,506    
  Maximum Award Amount$3,924,295    
  CoC Planning$117,729    
  Total Funding Available (includes planning)$3,924,295    
Ranked List 
RankScore ProjectApplicant TypeRequested  Amount Adjusted Amount  
1 CoC Planning Special Project FY2022The Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.Planning$117,729$117,729 
298.58CoC HMIS Special Project FY2022The Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.HMIS$215,000$215,000 
397.17TH-RRH for YouthYouth Services of Tulsa, Inc.TH-RRH$652,865$652,865 
497Rapid Rehousing Unsheltered Homeless 2022Tulsa Day CenterRRH$1,000,132$1,000,132 
597CoC Coordinated Entry Special Project FY2022The Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.SSO-CE$150,000$150,000 
688.83CoC Street Outreach Special Project FY2022The Center for Housing Solutions, Inc.SSO$2,149,780$1,788,569 
Rejected Projects 
Rank   ProjectApplicant TypeRequested  Amount Adjusted Amount  
 60.29CoC Just Home PSH FY2022Partner TulsaPSH$900,000$0 

Contact the Collaborative Applicant

Housing Solutions is the Collaborative Applicant for the Tulsa CoC. If you have questions or comments regarding the CoC or local Competition process, please contact Rhene Ritter, Housing Solutions grants and funding coordinator, at rritter@housingsolutionstulsa.org. You may also direct questions about the competition process to TulsaCoCNOFA@homebaseccc.org.

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