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Just Home Project’s Lived Experience Advisory Board convenes first meeting

Just Home Project's Lived Experience Advisory Board holds first meeting

The Just Home Project launched a major initiative Friday, establishing an advisory board made up entirely by people with lived experience in homelessness or the justice system. 

The Lived Experience Advisory Board is a key component of Tulsa’s Just Home Project, a local branch of a national effort to explore the connection between homelessness and justice involvement.

“If you’re justice involved, then you’re 10 times more likely to experience homelessness, and if you’re experiencing homelessness, then you’re 10 times more likely to become justice involved,” said Jacob Beaumont, Housing Solutions director of criminal justice initiatives.

The group’s mission is to be the fifth pillar of support in the Just Home Project, alongside community leading agencies: Family and Children Services, Housing Solutions, PartnerTulsa, and the Terence Crutcher Foundation.

Burnita Smith, Housing Solutions lived experience coordinator, recruited members of the advisory board from across Tulsa County. 

Beaumont told the newly formed group that their reach will go beyond the Just Home Project to help Tulsa’s system of care be more person focused and equitable. 

“We have experience with providing services,” Beaumont said. “We don’t have experience receiving services.”

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