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LTRC Blog: Improving the court experience

LTRC Blog: Tips and tricks to improving the court experience AWH4T goal #1: Stop homelessness before it begins Rachel Johnson, LTRC landlord liaison, helps a client at LTRC’s Social Service Hub inside Iron Gate, 501 W. Archer St. Court can be an intimidating place, but knowing how to navigate and prepare for the court process […]


LTRC Blog: Deposit Demand

LTRC Blog: Lifting the veil on deposit demand AWH4T goal #1: Stop homelessness before it begins When you move into a new home, you will likely have to pay a security deposit at the time of moving in. But what happens to that deposit when you move out? Is it possible to get it back? […]


New Van Brings Case Managers Directly to the Community

New Van Brings Case Managers Directly to the Community A $30,000 donation by ONE Gas has purchased a van for mobile access to resources specifically geared toward preventing evictions in Tulsa County.   With the end of the moratorium Tulsa County court rooms are seeing jumps in eviction filings. Housing Solutions received a $30,000 boost […]


Statement on HB1564 & HB1950

Joint Statement from Restore Hope and Housing Solutions on HB 1564 and HB 1950 We are grateful to Oklahoma Representatives for siding with intentional legislative priorities that support both landlords and tenants. Supporting House Bill 1950, a tax credit for landlords who lost income due to COVID-19, is an effective way to provide relief to […]


Call to Action: HB1564

HB1564: Why it Spells Disaster for Oklahoma   The Oklahoma Residential Landlord Tenant Act (or ORLTA) is the law that governs landlord tenant relations in the state. Enacted in 1978, and seeing very little change since then, the current ORLTA heavily favors landlords and is part of the reason Tulsa, Oklahoma ranks 11th in the nation for evictions. […]



EVICTION MORATORIUM CONTINUES – WHAT IT MEANS FOR RENTERS The CDC eviction moratorium halting evictions was extended through at least June 30, 2021. This blog post will explain what the eviction moratorium means for tenants. You can view the full official CDC media statement here.    Summary The eviction moratorium prohibits a landlord from removing […]


Tulsa County Eviction Hearings Continue

In-Person Eviction Hearings are NOT Suspended in Tulsa Tulsa County District Court announced that in-person hearings are suspended from December 8, 2020 through January 11, 2021. But, that does not apply to eviction hearings! Eviction hearings are still being held in-person at the Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice. While other hearings are suspended […]


CDC Eviction Moratorium Ends Dec. 31, 2020

What does that mean for renters? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) eviction moratorium prohibited landlords from evicting renters because they could not pay their rent. But as the CDC eviction moratorium ends on December 31, 2020, many tenants are left wondering what to do next. This blog post will answer tenants’ questions about their […]



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